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I am dedicated to learning and communicating information about natural and human influences on Earth’s atmospheric, hydrologic and oceanic systems. Currently, I am in the third year of my doctoral program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego. My research is within the Climate-Ocean-Atmosphere Program under an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a San Diego Fellowship. I engage in research and activities focused on hydrometeorology, climate sciences, and ocean-atmosphere dynamics. My current interests lie in extreme weather and water events in the Western U.S., which in turn, affect water resources, the economy, fisheries, and other factors of human and ecosystem vitality. I seek opportunities of adventure to uncover and share more about the fascinating planet we call home.

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I graduated with a double major in meteorology and hydrology and a minor in mass communication. I completed my Master of Science degree in Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

While at St. Cloud State, I interned with the NOAA North Central River Forecast Center, and with  CNN Domestic and International Weather. I conducted research through a Bahamas paleoclimate NSF REU, and through the DEEPWAVE field campaign studying atmospheric gravity waves and cloud stereo photogrammetry in New Zealand – See CV for more on research, fieldwork, training and scientific presentations. After graduating, I interned with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in science journalism and multimedia – Visit Media page for publications. I was then involved in a field campaign with the Center for Severe Weather Research (CSWR) before beginning graduate studies.

Thank you very much to the organizations and incredible individuals who show me support in my research and throughout my endeavors.

From various fieldwork, writing, laboratory and speaking experiences across the globe, I enhance my understanding of research, analysis and dissemination processes. 

I am thrilled to share experiences within a field of endless discovery!

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I currently serve as VP Representative of Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (GradWISE), and am excited to team up on the planning committee for the 2018 AMS Annual Meeting. I am also honored to serve as Student Representative for the 8th Annual UC Graduate Research Advocacy Day.

Outside of courses and research, I enjoy spending time in nature, participating in outreach events, writing poems, yoga-ing, and helping and learning about others.

Connect through: TwitterLinkedIn. Facebook.

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