Tribute to Earth with Haiku Poems


EARTH DAY serves to remind us just how incredible and unique our home planet is. From her atmosphere to her rivers, Earth has everything we need to survive.

If we want to make sure future generations can thrive in Earth’s beauty, we must actively protect natural resources, care for other species and always choose to invest in learning more. Frankly, Earth doesn’t need us, but we need Earth, so let’s show her our love (and not just on Earth Day)!

Below: My expressions through 10 Earth haiku poems and photos of places that have left me in awe

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Earth, I love you so

Mountains, rivers, trees and sky

A beauty beyond



Red rock above all

A copper desert sunset

Coyotes will howl



She lives in balance

In conserving momentum,

mass and energy



Vast lands were once lush

Now troubled and in danger

World to protect



Ocean meeting sky

Warm wind gentle and freeing

Breathing sea breeze air



Pillows in the sky

Bringing water to the ground

Freely floating past



Twisted at their base

through their webs of rooted life

Trees, swaying yet firm



Mountains that humble

Even the strong and mighty

A strength to reflect



Water carved canyons

Waves crashing, thunder roaring

Forces of nature

A place we call home

Free for us to be living

Uniting us all


Truly, Tashiana 



Typhoon Soulik-Closing Eye

Typhoon Soulik is experiencing what meteorologists call an eyewall replacement cycle.  Major hurricanes commonly undergo this transformation when winds exceed 100 knots (115 mph/185 kph).  An outer eyewall can develop as the eye becomes smaller in size and surrounding thunderstorms intensify.  Soulik has weakened due to the outer wall overtaking the inner wall and closing the eye.  If the eye closes completely, the storm has a chance of strengthening once again.  This westward moving system, with winds of 95 knots (109 mph/175 kph) and higher gusts, remains a major threat to nearby regions.  It is expected to hit the southern end of Ishigaki-jima Island tomorrow morning (July 12, 2013), northern Taiwan later tomorrow, and China on Saturday (July 13, 2013).

Soulik's eye is was still open early this morning (July 11, 2013), but is becoming less distinguishable.

Soulik’s eye was still open early this morning (July 11, 2013), but was becoming less distinguishable.

12 hours later, clouds have closed in on Soulik's eye.

12 hours later, clouds have closed in on Soulik’s eye.

Typhoon Soulik-Extreme Winds

Typhoon Soulik is expected to maintain strong winds on it's northwestern path through Friday, July 12, 2013

Typhoon Soulik is expected to maintain extremely strong winds on its northwestern path through Friday, July 12, 2013. (CNNi Weather Team)

Powerful Typhoon Soulik continues moving northwest toward the northern tip of Taiwan. As of 2100 UTC (4 pm EDT), this immense tropical system has reached Category 4 status with maximum sustained winds of 115 knots (132 mph/213 kph) and higher gusts. It is likely to reach Super Typhoon status with winds exceeding 137 knots (157 mph/252 kph) later this week. As announced by CNNi Meteorologist Tom Sater, Soulik is expected to hit Taiwan by Friday morning and China on Saturday. These intense winds could cause tremendous damage leading to blackouts and heavy flooding, thus warnings for this region have been issued.