Latest at NASA’s Goddard: Exceptional Achievers and Celebrations

Celebrating Rick Obenschain's 50 years at Goddard- from engineering aide to deputy center director

April 2015

Retirement party (balloons and all), stellar leaders and Hubble highlights from a veteran astronaut – all featured in the latest issue of Goddard View Magazine! NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center released the April issue today.

Check out the April GV here

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GV April 2015, Volume 11, Issue 3

Page 5: Highlights from Goddard’s Awards Ceremony and a sneak peek of Safety Week 2015.


~A month full of motivation~

Earlier this month, I launched a social media campaign called #MotivateMarch! My goal is to show how inspiring and exciting science can be, and to share some of my personal passions. Highlights focus on atmospheric, planetary, or earth science events, facts and missions. I hope you’ll join along!


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